FDA Deeming Regulations I Vape I Vote

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Since the FDA Deeming Regulations have been announced, it has been a stressful time with a lot of rumors and innuendo going around.  Vaping is gone as we know it at this time.  Right now, we are all in a fight to keep the liquids and the hardware on the market that we currently have available.  Every product whether it is hardware or liquid will have to have FDA approval and each application is $333,000.00.  That means each bottle of flavored liquid, each nicotine strength will have to have an application.  This includes hardware.  Hardware is now a tobacco product even with 0 mg of nicotine.  It is shocking to think that even though the studies by the CDC and FDA themselves along with France and the Royal College of Physicians state that electronic cigarettes are 95% LESS harmful then tobacco cigarettes, we will be regulated this arduously.

The vaping industry is small business at its finest.  Many businesses will not have the funding to proceed with the FDA application process.  I was never a conspiracy theory type of person, but I am now.  The Deeming Regulations leave on the market products made prior to the year 2007.  Whose products do you ask will stay on the market without needing approval?  Big Tobacco.



Join CASAA and follow their Call to Action Emails.  These petitions need signed now.


Join the Vaping Militia.  Larry Faircloth a local delegate in WV has been fighting a battle in WV to stop vape tax and he has been successful.  He is currently pursuing other means to stop the FDA regulations from taking affect.  He needs funding and this petition needs signed.


Donate money even if it is $1, $5, whatever you can afford.   This is going to be an expensive battle.

Only purchase your vape gear and liquids from shops and websites who are advocating for the vape business.

Call your local representatives and ask them to co-sponsor HR 2058 and the Cole Bishop Amendment.  These will allow current products to stay on the market without the rigorous and expensive FDA application process and testing.  Let them know how vaping saved your life.  Ask them to co-sponsor these bills.  We particularly need Democrats.  We currently have, I believe, 56 Republican representatives as of this date willing to co-sponsor HR 2058.    In WV your representatives are:


Senator Shelley Moore Capito                               WV Office   304-347-5372           DC Office 202-224-6472

Senator Joe Manchin                                              WV Office  304-342-5855            DC Office 855-275-5737

Congressman Alex Mooney                                   WV office 304-925-5964              DC Office  202-225-2711


Be strong and vape on my friends.



All E-cigarette devices Could Be Completely Banned on Planes. Oppose SA 3547.

Next week the Senate is scheduled to debate the FAA reauthorization on the Senate Floor. Senator Blumenthal (D-CT) has proposed an amendment (SA 3547) that will expand the list of hazardous products to vapor devices and prohibit them from being carried on ALL flights.

If you live in the state of WV please contact the following Senators.  If you live in another state, please find your Senator and contact them to let them know you oppose SA 3547.

Contact Shelley Moore Capito herehttps://www.capito.senate.gov/contact/contact-shelley

Contact Alex Mooney here https://mooney.house.gov/contact/email

Contact Joe Manchin herehttp://www.manchin.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact

Vapor products are already prohibited from being used on flights and from being included in checked baggage this additional prohibition will force consumers to leave their products at home when traveling once again making it more difficult for the millions of people who have chosen these products over combustible tobacco products.

This amendment is simply a win for big tobacco as traveling consumers will be forced to leave the products that have helped them make the switch at home every time they travel. Once they land at their new destination cigarettes are certain to be far more prevalent and cheaper thus creating significant incentives to revert back to using products marketed by Big Tobacco companies.


Celebrating Hazy Hollow Vapors One Year Anniversary

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Many Local Vape Shops Gather together for Don’t Hate the Vape

To fight Bill 420 many vape shops in the area have come together to form a SFATA Chapter. We have hired a lobbysit and a lawyer to fight for us at the capital thanks to the assistance of Schell Hammel. This bill calls for more than just a tax. It could potentially put many shops out of business. Saturday, March 5th, at the Nitro Moose all involved shops and vendors are hosting Don’t Hate the Vape. There will be games, tons of free liquids, mods, tanks, etc. CLOUD COMPETITION IN THE EVENING. For a 10.00 donation at the door you will receive a free goody bag. LIKE THIS POST, SHARE IT. Tell everybody that vapes! Call the shop for details 681-265-9077.   MUST BE 18+.




We received an email from Senator Capital today stating the following


“I believe that the Tobacco Control Act was the correct step in promoting public health and that the FDA should retain its authority to regulate tobacco products. Currently, the FDA only regulates e-Cigarettes that are marketed for therapeutic purposes. Should additional legislation specific to e-Cigarettes and vapor productscome before the Senate for a vote, you can be sure I will keep your views in mind.”


Our response was this:

“As a business owner and ex-tobacco cigarette smoker in West Virginia, I was very disappointed with the email I received regarding the regulation of electronic cigarette and the lack of your knowledge.  E-cigarettes contain 4 ingredients, vegetable glycerin (which is in everyday products you use), propylene glycol (which is in asthma inhalers), flavoring and in most cases nicotine.  The majority of people who “vape” start out a level of nicotine that is comparable to the amount of cigarettes they smoke a day.  They then work their way down to 0 mg of nicotine.   If you are considering nicotine a tobacco product, then the e-liquids with no nicotine are NOT a tobacco product.


Many people discontinue vaping (use of electronic cigarettes), and therefore, do not smoke tobacco cigarettes or use electronic cigarettes.   People who vape and quit smoking tobacco cigarettes lose their smoker’s cough, have more energy and smell good! Vaping is saving lives!! Tobacco cigarettes contain over 680 ingredients.  We KNOW for a fact tobacco cigarettes cause cancer.  I am asking you to sponsor HR2058 along with Alex Mooney.  I am asking you to save lives.  If HR2058 is not implemented, the products that help people quit using tobacco cigarettes will no longer be available.  I have every confidence that you will make the right decision.”


Please contact her here https://www.capito.senate.gov/contact/contact-shelley and explain your experience with vaping.