• VIP Ladies Night!

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    VIP Ladies Night. Music, food, beverages. It’s free! Bring a friend or someone interested in vaping. There will be 20% off on all purchases for ladies after 5:00 PM.

  • Ladies VIP Vape Night



    VIP Ladies Night. Music, food, beverages. It’s free! Bring a friend or someone interested in vaping. There will be 20% off on all purchases for ladies after 5:00 PM. We also will have a Scentsy representative in the shop that night.

  • Black Friday Sale!

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    !!!BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS!!! We will have 30% of RX 2/3 while supplies last; 10% off all E-liquid; gift baskets ready for you to purchase as gifts for friends, family or yourself and gift certificates. COME IN AND CHECK OUT Black Friday specials normal hours 11 am to 8 pm.

  • Hands for a Billion Lives

    Join us at Haddad Riverfront Park, Charleston, WV,  on 10/22/2016 at 2:22 PM for Hands for a Billion Lives.

    — Hands for a Billion Lives —

    “Nationwide Community of ‘Vapers’ Joins Hands to Save Lives

    480,000 people in the US die every year from smoking related illnesses and a

    A billion people are projected to die this century worldwide.


    Smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome and each year kills tens of thousands of people and runs up billions in added medical expenses. One of the most successful methods to help smokers quit has been electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.

    This industry has been misunderstood and recently the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed that vaping devices, which contain no tobacco, and many times, no nicotine, are considered tobacco products, even with the recent study from the Royal College of l Physicians that estimated electronic cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than tobacco products.

    Due to federal and state regulations, many vape shops and related businesses will close and put an estimated 37,000 to 57,000 employees out of work. Not having access to the products that helped them quit will also force many back to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

    A new movie called “A Billion Lives” outlines the history and the conspiracy behind large business concerns’ efforts to kill off the vaping industry. This movie is now premiering throughout the United States and the vaping community is standing up for the right to know the truth.

    On Saturday, October 22, vaping supporters and the public at large will collect and hold hands for 10 minutes throughout the nation. At 2:22 p.m. in each time zone, vapers will meet at various locations to support this movie. This wall is a visual demonstration of support to save A Billion Lives.

    We ask your support of the public’s right to have accurate information and a way to choose healthier alternatives.


    #handsforabillionlives #savevaping #ivapeivote

  • Fight the WV State Vape Tax

    Call Governor Tomblin at 304-558-2000 today and tell him you oppose the vape tax, please remove vape from HB 1012.  Many of our vendors will choose not to do business in the state of West Virginia.  Vape shops will not be able to stock their shelves with E-liquid.  #Governortomblin #HB1012 #Ivapeivote



  • FDA Deeming Regulations I Vape I Vote

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    Since the FDA Deeming Regulations have been announced, it has been a stressful time with a lot of rumors and innuendo going around.  Vaping is gone as we know it at this time.  Right now, we are all in a fight to keep the liquids and the hardware on the market that we currently have available.  Every product whether it is hardware or liquid will have to have FDA approval and each application is $333,000.00.  That means each bottle of flavored liquid, each nicotine strength will have to have an application.  This includes hardware.  Hardware is now a tobacco product even with 0 mg of nicotine.  It is shocking to think that even though the studies by the CDC and FDA themselves along with France and the Royal College of Physicians state that electronic cigarettes are 95% LESS harmful then tobacco cigarettes, we will be regulated this arduously.

    The vaping industry is small business at its finest.  Many businesses will not have the funding to proceed with the FDA application process.  I was never a conspiracy theory type of person, but I am now.  The Deeming Regulations leave on the market products made prior to the year 2007.  Whose products do you ask will stay on the market without needing approval?  Big Tobacco.



    Join CASAA and follow their Call to Action Emails.  These petitions need signed now.


    Join the Vaping Militia.  Larry Faircloth a local delegate in WV has been fighting a battle in WV to stop vape tax and he has been successful.  He is currently pursuing other means to stop the FDA regulations from taking affect.  He needs funding and this petition needs signed.


    Donate money even if it is $1, $5, whatever you can afford.   This is going to be an expensive battle.

    Only purchase your vape gear and liquids from shops and websites who are advocating for the vape business.

    Call your local representatives and ask them to co-sponsor HR 2058 and the Cole Bishop Amendment.  These will allow current products to stay on the market without the rigorous and expensive FDA application process and testing.  Let them know how vaping saved your life.  Ask them to co-sponsor these bills.  We particularly need Democrats.  We currently have, I believe, 56 Republican representatives as of this date willing to co-sponsor HR 2058.    In WV your representatives are:


    Senator Shelley Moore Capito                               WV Office   304-347-5372           DC Office 202-224-6472

    Senator Joe Manchin                                              WV Office  304-342-5855            DC Office 855-275-5737

    Congressman Alex Mooney                                   WV office 304-925-5964              DC Office  202-225-2711


    Be strong and vape on my friends.