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    We are now located 1 mile up at the road at 42 RHL BLVD in the Trace Fork Shopping Center. We are located between Game Stop and Verizon beside Lowe’s. We are larger and so excited to share this new location. Our phones are currently DOWN due to Suddenlink issues.



    We recognize Lady Boss Vapor for being one of the leading advocates in the vape industry. Not only has she been a strong supporter of the industry, she has awesome E-Liquid! Check out our  Clover Perks app for discounts and upcoming promos.


  • Haunting of Hazy Hollow

    October 26, 2018 11 am to 8 PM!!  Come join us for a haunting open house. Receive 15% off all day. Wear your Halloween costume and receive an extra 5% off ALL DAY! Food, Music, Prizes and lots of fun! Halloween costume contest at 6:00 PM. Stop by for a HAUNTING GOOD TIME!!



  • I Am Not an Anecdote

    This is your chance to make your voice heard!!!  I personally love my strawberry custard and I know it is keeping me from picking up cigarettes.


    “SUBMIT YOUR DECLARATION! Join the VTA and CASAA in demanding the rejection of any proposal that would ban OR limit flavored vapor products. Tell the story of how you quit cigarettes with vapor products to the FDA now.”



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  • Protect children by urging Congress to support the Cole-Bishop Amendment!

    We keep hearing about how too many kids get access to vapor products. We are doing our part, but the government’s current regulatory regimen doesn’t prioritize the protection of the most vulnerable among us. This has to change; the government must shift its focus towards reducing children’s access to adult vapor products.
    Current regulations do anything but that, and there are some simple changes that should be made now. For example, vapor products are legally sold in vending machines and self-serve kiosks that either operate with flawed technologies to validate the age of consumers or fail to do so at all. In some publications, vapor products are openly advertised and marketed in publications that skew towards minors. In fact, not all products have clear warnings that remind retailers and consumers of the age restrictions on use.
    Fortunately, there is the potential for change in the form of the bipartisan Cole-Bishop amendment. This piece of legislation would recalibrate regulatory efforts towards the protection of children, by eliminating self-service displays, banning vending machine sales, banning the advertising and marketing of these technologies in publications read by youth, and requiring the addition of clear age restriction warnings to all vapor product labels.
    Cole-Bishop represents another important way to protect our kids, but this bill won’t sell itself, and we’re counting on efforts of responsible citizens to get this passed. Congress needs to know how important common-sense regulation is, click here to let your representative know that the Cole-Bishop amendment is a priority to their constituents. We need to protect our children, and the time to act is now!

    Contact Congress now! http://actnow.io/Cole-Bishop17

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  • Hazy Hollow Vapors of Man WV now OPEN

    We have had a busy summer.  We have opened a new shop in Man, WV, and  are located at 304 Main Street in Man, besides the Town Pharmacy.  We continue to offer great customer service and premium liquid at a budget friendly price.  We also continue to offer a good selection of CBD liquid and edibles (contains no THC and legal in all 50 states).  Stop and see us.  We are super excited to offer our services to Logan County.  Stop in and see us at our South Charleston, WV or Man, WV location.

    Man location phone 304-583-6000

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    Now Open


    This was sent to us per CASSA.  If we cannot get  Cole-Bishop passed, there will be no vape shops or online stores.  The FDA will have effectively caused prohibition on vaping.  Call your representative today for your state!


    Even if you’ve reached out to your lawmakers in the past, we need you to do it again. We have received word that the Cole-Bishop amendment is being seriously considered for inclusion in the FY2017 US budget.

    But, this is not a guarantee. There are strong forces working against anything that might be perceived as a “Republican rider” in the budget bill. Even though Cole-Bishop is a bipartisan effort in support of what should be a bipartisan issue, the effort to modernize the predicate date for vapor products has been stripped out of the budget before.

    We need your help to keep Cole-Bishop in the budget bill!

    Please take a moment to call your representative and senators in WV: 

    Points to discuss on your call:

    • Urge them to support the Cole-Bishop language in the 2017 US budget bill

    • If the predicate date for vapor products is not modernized, nearly all vapor products will be wiped off the market in 2018. Many businesses will start closing down this year.

    • The FDA will still have the authority to regulate vapor products and common sense regulations like no sales or marketing to minors will remain unchanged.

    • If you have time, briefly, tell your story about how vaping has helped you.

    When you’re finished with your call, visit www.august8th.org and send an email.

    Please share this URL with everyone. EVERYONE!

    Thank you,

    CASAA Legislative Team

  • Ladies VIP Vape Night



    VIP Ladies Night. Music, food, beverages. It’s free! Bring a friend or someone interested in vaping. There will be 20% off on all purchases for ladies after 5:00 PM. We also will have a Scentsy representative in the shop that night.