Protect children by urging Congress to support the Cole-Bishop Amendment!

We keep hearing about how too many kids get access to vapor products. We are doing our part, but the government’s current regulatory regimen doesn’t prioritize the protection of the most vulnerable among us. This has to change; the government must shift its focus towards reducing children’s access to adult vapor products.
Current regulations do anything but that, and there are some simple changes that should be made now. For example, vapor products are legally sold in vending machines and self-serve kiosks that either operate with flawed technologies to validate the age of consumers or fail to do so at all. In some publications, vapor products are openly advertised and marketed in publications that skew towards minors. In fact, not all products have clear warnings that remind retailers and consumers of the age restrictions on use.
Fortunately, there is the potential for change in the form of the bipartisan Cole-Bishop amendment. This piece of legislation would recalibrate regulatory efforts towards the protection of children, by eliminating self-service displays, banning vending machine sales, banning the advertising and marketing of these technologies in publications read by youth, and requiring the addition of clear age restriction warnings to all vapor product labels.
Cole-Bishop represents another important way to protect our kids, but this bill won’t sell itself, and we’re counting on efforts of responsible citizens to get this passed. Congress needs to know how important common-sense regulation is, click here to let your representative know that the Cole-Bishop amendment is a priority to their constituents. We need to protect our children, and the time to act is now!

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