All E-cigarette devices Could Be Completely Banned on Planes. Oppose SA 3547.

Next week the Senate is scheduled to debate the FAA reauthorization on the Senate Floor. Senator Blumenthal (D-CT) has proposed an amendment (SA 3547) that will expand the list of hazardous products to vapor devices and prohibit them from being carried on ALL flights.

If you live in the state of WV please contact the following Senators.  If you live in another state, please find your Senator and contact them to let them know you oppose SA 3547.

Contact Shelley Moore Capito here

Contact Alex Mooney here

Contact Joe Manchin here

Vapor products are already prohibited from being used on flights and from being included in checked baggage this additional prohibition will force consumers to leave their products at home when traveling once again making it more difficult for the millions of people who have chosen these products over combustible tobacco products.

This amendment is simply a win for big tobacco as traveling consumers will be forced to leave the products that have helped them make the switch at home every time they travel. Once they land at their new destination cigarettes are certain to be far more prevalent and cheaper thus creating significant incentives to revert back to using products marketed by Big Tobacco companies.