We received an email from Senator Capital today stating the following


“I believe that the Tobacco Control Act was the correct step in promoting public health and that the FDA should retain its authority to regulate tobacco products. Currently, the FDA only regulates e-Cigarettes that are marketed for therapeutic purposes. Should additional legislation specific to e-Cigarettes and vapor productscome before the Senate for a vote, you can be sure I will keep your views in mind.”


Our response was this:

“As a business owner and ex-tobacco cigarette smoker in West Virginia, I was very disappointed with the email I received regarding the regulation of electronic cigarette and the lack of your knowledge.  E-cigarettes contain 4 ingredients, vegetable glycerin (which is in everyday products you use), propylene glycol (which is in asthma inhalers), flavoring and in most cases nicotine.  The majority of people who “vape” start out a level of nicotine that is comparable to the amount of cigarettes they smoke a day.  They then work their way down to 0 mg of nicotine.   If you are considering nicotine a tobacco product, then the e-liquids with no nicotine are NOT a tobacco product.


Many people discontinue vaping (use of electronic cigarettes), and therefore, do not smoke tobacco cigarettes or use electronic cigarettes.   People who vape and quit smoking tobacco cigarettes lose their smoker’s cough, have more energy and smell good! Vaping is saving lives!! Tobacco cigarettes contain over 680 ingredients.  We KNOW for a fact tobacco cigarettes cause cancer.  I am asking you to sponsor HR2058 along with Alex Mooney.  I am asking you to save lives.  If HR2058 is not implemented, the products that help people quit using tobacco cigarettes will no longer be available.  I have every confidence that you will make the right decision.”


Please contact her here https://www.capito.senate.gov/contact/contact-shelley and explain your experience with vaping.