Donations for the Homeless Charleston WV

Last week many homeless people were displaced as their tent city was torn down right at the coldest time of the year. ALL of their belongs were thrown out. Currently there is a group of them staying at Motel 6 in KC. Their rooms were paid through Thursday. We have called and paid for them to stay another night. There are 3 rooms at 56.49 a piece. Would you all consider doing an office pool to give them more time and keep them in a warm place? If 10 people donate 6.00 they have a warm place to stay. We do it for lottery tickets. Why not do it to help those in need? Motel 6 in KC’s phone is 304-925-0471. You can also call and give them a card number over the phone. I will also be accepting donations Hazy Hollow Vapors. All money donated will be donated to their housing. PLEASE share this information.