Kick Ashes

I do not know how often I thought about never smoking cigarettes again.  I wish I had never picked up the habit.  It started out to be cool when I was out with friends in my mid 20s, but became a lasting habit.  I quit once for four years, but while going through a divorce I started smoking again and never quit.  Unfortunately, my son picked up the nasty habit.  I thought grounding him would work.  Yeah right!   But then years later, my son started vaping.  I thought it was just so silly.  It was just another dumb kid thing.  However, he quit smoking cigarettes.  How awesome was that?!  Eventually I realized it was not a fad and that it could be a useful tool to quit smoking cigarettes.   You know, vanity is what really pushed me to quit smoking.   It was not the thought of lung cancer or lung disease, it was the wrinkles on my face.  I guess whatever  works for some people right?

When I started using an electronic cigarette, I was still smoking tobacco cigarettes, but I cut back.  I continued on this path for about six months before I laid down the Marlboro Lights for good.  My cough went away.  I started to have more energy.  I smelled good again.  My sense of smell and taste started returning.  It has been a life changing experience.  Even if it helps you cut back on the amount of tobacco cigarettes, you are doing a body good.  Let me stress these opinions are mine.  However, I have heard many people state the same positive effects on their lives when they began to vape and quit smoking.

The first vape shop I went to was a little scary. I had made a decision to make a life change, so it was a little nerve racking.  However, when I started talking with the staff it was overwhelming.  They threw long terms at me and acronyms such as PG, VG, ohms, coils, volts.  My head was spinning.  I had to call my son for advice.  Yeah, mama was calling the kid for some advice.  To break it down simple, go to a vape shop.  Do not go to a gas station.  Buy a starter kit and pick out a flavor of liquid you like with the appropriate nicotine level.  Have them show you how to turn it on, fill the tank and change your coil.  It really is quite simple and it is so much fun!  It is fun to test and pick out different flavors.  Another positive result is that you will save money over tobacco.  Hazy Hollow Vapors was born with the intention of helping newbies in a comfortable atmosphere and to provide a cool place to hang out for all vapers.  I am happy to say I kicked ashes through vaping! 

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